Weekly Music Notes 9/17/2018

Greetings CPMB Family!
I hope this message finds everyone well on this Monday morning. There are several events coming up in the next two weeks that are extremely important to our organization. The first event is our Rehearse-a-thon which will be this Saturday, September 22, from 9AM-3PM. Because we will be trying to finish learning as much of the show as possible, it is crucial that every member of the CPMB is in attendance. I mention this because we have yet to have rehearsal with 100% attendance. When people are missing, no matter how valid the reason may be, it impacts the entire group and delays the process for everyone. Lets make it our goal to have 100% attendance for the rest of the season!
The second event is the West Coast Invitational. This is our marching band contest and, with the exception of concessions, is our largest fundraiser of the year. This is year we have 9 bands signed up, one of which is close to 400 students!! Adult volunteer slots have been posted to Charms so please log in and sign up! All slots will need to be filled in order to run this event efficiently. I would also like for you to keep in mind that the clean up/ break down process is just as important as the set up portion. I know that everyone will be tired, hot, and ready to go home but I also know that many hands make light work. If only a few of us are left to clean up, we will be here until Sunday. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Wind and percussion students, All County audition music has been posted to Charms! All members of the Wind Ensemble are expected to audition. Also, the first 9 weeks is almost over and only 2 students have submitted Pass-Offs…only 2! Remember that Pass-Offs count for 30% of your total grade and may be completed in person or by video submission via Facebook group, email, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. Please do not wait until the last minute to complete the 100 points needed. Please see the Student Handbook for more information regarding Pass-Offs.
The CPMB will travel to Strawberry Crest this Friday for their first away game of the season. If you are available I encourage you to come on out and support our students! If you are interested in being a chaperone, please sign up in Charms. Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you on Friday!
Mr. H