Weekly Music Notes 9/25/2017

Greetings CPMB family,

I hope all of the students that attended the homecoming dance on Saturday had a fantastic time! It is always a joy to see pictures of our kids dressed up, looking fancy with big smiles!

Thank you to all of the CPMB family members that stepped up to work the grill on Friday night. Homecoming is always a HUGE event and the fact that it was against Strawberry Crest resulted in an even bigger crowd…which means more money raised for our kids! WOO HOO!

I want to take a moment to let you know that support you show our kids on Friday nights from the stands is tremendous and the kids, and all of the band staff, truly appreciates it! I would, however, like to call your attention to one other area that our kids need your support…setting up on the field!! It is said that, “Many hands make light work” and having extra hands helping set up will allow our kids to worry less about the actual set up and concentrate more on the performance. The band only has 8 minutes at football games to set up, perform and tear down before a penalty is assessed and only 15 minutes at competitions before points are deducted from our score. Please note that we still have 20 props, two tarps, more flag equipment, two electronics carts and two speaker carts to add to our set up…we will definitely need all the help we can get!!!

Speaking of help…as you know, WCI is next Saturday and we will be hosting over 1,000 performers on our campus. Our primary mission (or at least it should be) as an organization is to provide those 1,000 high school performers with a positive, stress free performance environment. Our secondary mission is to make as money as humanly possible. You have heard the boosters and me say that WCI is an “all hands on deck” event. This is because it is impossible for only a handful of parents and students to host 17 bands, over 1,000 performers, and anywhere between 500-1,000 more spectators. It is equally as impossible for that same handful parents to also park busses, trailers, cars, move equipment and cook enough food for an event of this size.

Please remember that WCI is first and foremost a fundraiser. Not a performance opportunity for our kids. Yes, our kids do perform however, that is a secondary or even tertiary focus to WCI’s main objective…raising money! I give you my word, there will MANY opportunities (one of which is Oct 14 at Tarpon Springs High School) for you sit in the stands and just watch our kids perform. Unfortunately, WCI is not one of them. That being said, I urge you to visit Charms and fill up every volunteer spot still available. You are the difference between 1000 performers returning next year or 200 returning.

As most of you know the two football games that were cancelled due to Hurricane Irma have been rescheduled. The Newsome game will take place this Wednesday, September 27th and the East Bay game will take place on Monday Oct 2nd. I have made the decision that the band will NOT be traveling to either game. Given our schedule the next two weeks, I thought it was in everyone’s best interest to leave these days alone. Students, you are more than welcome to attend as members of the DHS student body!

In my letter last week I mentioned that I set up a Remind group for the CPMB and included directions on how to join that group. As of today only 21 people have joined the group. For those of you that missed it here, is the information one more time:

  1. Take our your cell phone
  2. Text: @cpmbf to this number 81010
  3. Go to Charms, log in, and then sign up for WCI!
  4.  Have a Coke and a smile!

Remember that the Remind is only used to communicate information and is not a message service or message board. You will only receive notifications from me in extreme circumstances (i.e. busses running late, last minute cancelation of event, etc). If you have any questions about this please let me know!

Have a great week!


Mr. H