Monday Morning Music Notes 10/24/2016

Greetings parents and students!

I hope everyone has recovered from a very long, yet very amazing and rewarding day at Santa Fe. Those of you that were lucky enough to see both performances will agree that our kids definitely kicked it up a notch in their Finals performance that evening.

The band ended the night finishing in 3rd place with a “block” score of 83.75. The percussion section and color guard earned a score of 90 and 82, respectively and finished the night in 2nd and 5th place. As great as these numbers are, they fail in comparison to witnessing the look of, pride, excitement, joy and accomplishment that adorned our student’s faces as they walked off the field.

The comments I received from other directors, spectators, and students from other programs were humbling and are a true testament to our kids hard work and dedication. The staff could not be more proud and honored to work with this talented group of young musicians and performers. We are also very honored to have such supportive parents and family members. Not only was it quite a sight to see all of the Durant shirts in the crowd, the energy all of you brought into that stadium was truly tremendous! And, judging by our kid’s finals performance, I have no doubt that they felt that energy as well.

I also need to thank the many parents that chaperoned, lugged coolers around, picked up water bottles, built props, moved props, sat on props, tore down props, drove trucks, went on a coffee run, or contributed in any other way that helped make our performance an outstanding one. This is what makes the DHS band program one of the finest in the state.

Here is a glance at some of our upcoming events:

Tuesday, October 25:

  • CPMB Rehearsal, 4-7

Thursday, October 27

  • CPMB Rehearsal, 4-8

Friday, October 28:

  • CPMB Extended Rehearsal, 4-10
    • This has been on the calendar since the beginning of the school year and all members are required to be in attendance.

Tuesday, November 1:

  • CPMB Rehearsal, 4-7

Thursday, November 3:

  • CPMB Rehearsal, 4-8

Friday, November 4:

  • Away Game at King HS

Saturday, November 5:

  • Florida Bandmasters District 7 Marching Evaluation @ Riverview HS
    • An itinerary will be sent out later this week.

I will send out the schedule for the last week of rehearsals, next Monday. There might be a slight change due to circumstances out of our control. Please keep checking the Charms calendar for updates and information! Have a great week!


Mr. H