Monday Music Notes, 9/19/2016

Good morning CPMB family!

Thank you to those of you came out to East Bay to support the CPMB on Friday evening! The bands performance at half time was definitely the to best to date and, I received many compliments from members of the audience. I would also like to thank the band members, chaperones, and audience members for responding so quickly to the announcement for everyone to seek cover. It was not the ideal ending to the game but everyone made it home safe which is what matters the most.

Saturday was our annual Rehearse-a-thon and we had the opportunity to get half of the drill for our last number learned! Unfortunately, once again due to weather conditions, we had to spend the last two hours of rehearsal in the gym. Again, not what we had planed but the band members did a fantastic job adapting to the conditions and working hard to get better.

Speaking of working hard, thank you to all of the parents that assisted with tearing down the old props and building the new ones. It takes a village to run a band program of our size (and it will keep growing!) and your efforts are much appreciated by everyone. Additionally, I would like to thank the folks that helped prepare and serve dinner on Friday and Saturday! The meals were fantastic! We still need volunteers to assist with Friday night dinners so please check out the updated page on Charms!

We are now only two weeks out from our biggest fundraising event of the year, the West Coast Invitational! This is an “all hands on deck” event and everyone’s assistance is needed to ensure everything runs smoothly and that we can accommodate the amount of people that will be on our campus. Please remember that all of the funds generated by this event go directly to our students in the form of instruments, music, instruction, and in the near future, a band trailer. I would also like to remind you that volunteering to assist with this event is one of the responsibilities of being a member of this program. We can not do it without you!

This week is homecoming and Friday will be preforming at home versus Lennard. This means that our pre-game routine will be slightly different because the school has elected to have a nighttime pep rally and parade at 6:00. Since the band will be participating in the parade, we will need to be in the stadium by 5:30. This also means that because homecoming activities, we most likely need to perform our show after the game. I will let everyone know what the plan will be when I hear back from administration.

Here are a few upcoming events to be aware of:

Tuesday September 20:

  • CPMB Rehearsal, 4-7
  • Café Concession Event, Volleyball vs. Bloomingdale, 5:30-9:00
  • WCI T-Shirt order forms and money due by end of rehearsal

Thursday September 22:

  • CPMB Rehearsal, 4-8
  • Ray Jay Team Training, 6:30-9:30

Friday September 23:

  • Homecoming vs. Lennard
  • Grill Concession Event, Homecoming!

Saturday October 1:

  • WCI with 19 bands and over 2,000 people in attendance!

Saturday October 8:

  • CPMB at the Newsome Music Festival, times TBA

I think that is everything for now. Please know that with WCI coming up you will be receiving several reminder emails from Booster Secretary, Susie Roscoe. We know how busy everyone is and want to make sure that in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a vital piece of information doesn’t get overlooked. Thank you for all you do and I look forward to seeing everyone at Friday night’s performance.


Mr. H